All At Once: Limited Vinyl 12" EP


Release Date: 26 July, 2024

Elusive London trio Ebbb step boldly from the shadows to announce the release of their debut EP ‘All At Once’, out on June 14th on Ninja Tune.

Without releasing a single song, the band — comprised of producer Lev Ceylan, vocalist Will Rowland and drummer Scott MacDonald — have built a storied mythology on London’s underground live circuit which spawned the likes of Squid and black midi. Commanding an atmosphere at gigs that So Young Magazine has described as "an almost religious experience", the melding of Ceylan’s engulfing and enthralling production and beats, with Rowland’s endlessly capable vocals, along with MacDonald's added stomp, quickly resulted in the band being one of 2023’s word of mouth live sensations.

“I like that it can't be pigeonholed,” says Lev Ceylan, speaking of the forthcoming EP. “We really do love plot twists – where it just explodes into something completely different.”

Opening track 'Himmel' is a song that builds from an ethereal soundscape before a pneumatic, drill-like beat enters; Rowland's voice glides with grace over the grinding rhythm. "That song encapsulates the two sides of the sound we have quite well," says Rowland. "Having the more ethereal, dreamy vocals but with that undercurrent of the low rumblings. It's kind of like heaven and hell." These layered elements are a meta depiction of Ebbb's singular songwriting process in real time. ‘Swarm’ unfolds in an almost hypnotic groove with Rowland’s voice carrying the track with poise, before it once again takes on an unpredictable journey, resulting in a joyous burst of experimental pop music.


1. Himmel
2. Answered
3. Swarm
4. Torn
5. Seamlessly

Ninja Tune
Vinyl 12" Single