Extra Life: Limited 'Poisonbloom' (Clear + Green With Pink Splatter) Vinyl 12" EP


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Poisonbloom (Clear + Green With Pink Splatter) coloured vinyl EP, with inner sleeve and printed lyrics. Limited To 1,000 copies worldwide!

Los Angeles duo crushed announce their signing to Ghostly International and the first vinyl pressing of their 2023 debut EP, extra life. A love letter to ‘90s radio, the first collaboration from musicians Bre Morell and Shaun Durkan finds them tuning a shared taste for maximalist dream pop. Open-hearted hooks and melodic riffs move through a haze of breakbeats, spliced sound design, and distortion. Faithful yet fluid in its channeling of golden age alt-rock, Britpop, trip-hop, and electronica, there’s a refreshing freedom to the sound, which quickly resonated with fans and critics upon initial release. Pitchfork called it “effortless, widescreen dream pop that’s serene without being sentimental,” and NPR cited its “deep sense of place and time.” The music also struck Ghostly, and the first measure for crushed and their new label home is to give extra life a wider physical release paired with remix- es from band favorites Real Lies and DJ Python.


01. waterlily 
02. coil
03. milksugar
04. bedside 
05. respawn 
06. lorica

Vinyl 12" Single