Indian Man

Gran's House: Limited Purple Vinyl EP


Release Date: 26 July, 2024

Bristol-based DJ/producer Jay Singh a.k.a. Indian Man has been a regular on the festival and club circuit for several years, bringing to the dancefloors his distinct blend of musical influences, from electronica to the Punjabi sounds of his Indian roots. Championed by the WOMAD festival, his first official release is a mixtape of tracks he has created with a truly international cast of collaborators he met on his travels with the global music festival from the UK to Europe and South America, including stars such as Emmanuel Jal, La Dame Blanche, and Dobet Gnahoré.

Upon returning from his extensive travels, Indian Man honed his craft in the spare room of his grandmother’s house where he lived as a carer. He spent his evenings playing DJ sets and producing dance music on a midi keyboard left there from his father’s band, inspired by melodies his gran sang around the house. Packed with dance beats, playful melodies, and spin-chilling vocals, the result is Gran’s House — both a tribute to the loving family and diverse cultures that made him who he is, and the bold coming-of-age of a rapidly-rising talent.


1. Gran’s House
2. She Wolf (feat. La Dame Blanche)
3. Earth Patch (feat. Diabel Cissokho)
4. Maa (feat. Nyaruach)
5. Dobet 909 (feat. Dobet Gnahoré)
6. Dual Winds (La Perla Bogotá)
7. My Friend Moussa (feat. Moussa Cissokho)
8. Sudan Module (feat. Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach)

Real World
Vinyl 12" Single