David Kushner

The Dichotomy: Limited Gold Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 30 August, 2024

"The Dichotomy": David Kushner’s debut album delves into the tapestry of human existence by exploring two contrasts. Comprising 17 songs, this musical work examines the interplay between light and darkness, happiness and sadness, anger and love, hero and villains, and the dichotomy of our inner demons and angels. Through a fusion of introspective lyrics, David Kushner captures the essence of emotional experiences, providing connection from all walks of life.

Disc 1
Side A
A1. No High
A2. Poison
A3. Skin and Bones
A4. Hero
A5. You and Me

Side B
B1. Love Is Going To Kill Us
B2. Dead Man
B3. Flesh x Blood
B4. Sweet Oblivion
B5. Buried at Sea

Disc 2
Side C
C1. Humankind
C2. Universe
C3. Heaven Sees

Side D
D1. Darkerside
D2. California Nights
D3. Saving Your Soul
D4. Daylight

Miserable Music
Vinyl LP