Too Cold To Hold: Limited Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP


Release Date: 15 November, 2024

Limited indies transparent yellow vinyl edition.

Comprised of Clams Baker Jr., Benjamin Romans Hopcraft, Adam J. Harmer, Marley Mackey, Quinn Whalley, and Bleu Ottis Wright, Too Cold To Hold is undoubtedly Warmduscher's best and most ambitious album to date. Taking on board the repetitive and polyrhythmic grooves of gqom (an alluring South African take on house music), adding in a dash of hip hop flavours and even jazz, and then harnessing that to their punk-funk, disco pogo, it’s a spellbinding mix. The album is produced by the band’s Ben Romans Hopcraft alongside Jamie Neville.


  1. An Introduction by Irvine Welsh          
  2. Fashion Week                                   
  3. Pure At The Heart                              
  4. Top Shelf                                           
  5. Body Shock                                       
  6. Cleopatras                                         
  7. Immaculate Deception             
  8. Out Of Body                                      
  9. Staying Alive                                     
  10. Too Cold To Hold                             
  11. Weeds In The Garden
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Vinyl LP