How To Let Go (Special Edition): Limited Blue Vinyl 2LP + Signed Poster


Special edition of Sigrid's second album 'How to Let Go', featuring a second disc of acoustic and up-close versions of all of the songs from the album, plus two new songs!

"I have made acoustic versions of my singles since the beginning, and they’ve (almost) all been done with Askjell, one of my closest friends and collaborators. It’s been a nice way to check in with the actual songwriting in between heavy promoting, touring, video shoots, and travelling. Askjell’s studio has really been one of my safe places and then I got this idea that I wanted to make alternative versions of all the songs from my second album with Askjell - to present the songwriting of How To Let Go in a more intimate way, and in that way also show the other side of me. I’m both unafraid of massive stages and big choruses, and at the same time an introvert who prefers staying by the piano. and I think you can hear that in this special edition version of the album, enjoy!" - Sigrid


1. It Gets Dark
2. Burning Bridges
3. Risk Of Getting Hurt
4. Thank Me Later
5. Mirror
6. Last To Know
7. Dancer
8. Everybody says they're fine
9. A Driver Saved My Night
10. Mistake Like You
11. Bad life
12. Grow
13. High Note

14. It Gets Dark (out in space acoustic)
15. Burning Bridges (up close, acoustic)
16. Risk Of Getting Hurt (up close)
17. Thank Me Later (up close)
18. Mirror (by the piano, acoustic)
19. Last To Know (up close)
20. Blue
21. Dancer (up close)
22. Everybody says they're fine (up close)
23. A Driver Saved My Night (up close)

  • 24.Mistake Like You (up close)
  • 25.Bad life (with Bring Me The Horizon) (acoustic)
  • 26.Grow (up close)
  • 27.High Note (up close)
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