Bloc Party

Intimacy: Limited Clear Vinyl LP


Release Date: 19 July, 2024

*This vinyl colour is clear (not pink as originally stated).

Experience the nocturnal allure of Bloc Party's third studio album, "Intimacy," now reissued on pink vinyl. With tracks delving into personal relationships and hinting at Greek mythology, this album is a lyrical journey through intimacy.

Drawing inspiration from drum and bass and old-school hip-hop, Bloc Party ventures into explorative electronic territory, departing from traditional indie rock. "Intimacy" is a thrilling blend of genres, perfect for the dance floor, offering a fun and experimental experience. Dive into the vibrant soundscape of "Intimacy," where each track unfolds as a late-night adventure filled with intrigue and excitement.


1. Ares
2. Mercury
3. Halo
4. Biko
5. Trojan Horse
6. Signs
7. One Month Off
8. Zephyrus
9. Talons
10. Better Than Heaven
11. Ion Square
12. Letter To My Son
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter
14. One More Chance

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Vinyl LP