The Velvet Underground +
Ignacio Julia

Linger On - The Velvet Underground: Limited Edition Book


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Ecstatic Peace Library are thrilled to announce Linger On by Velvets-obsessed music journalist Ignacio Julià. This sumptuous new volume features interviews with Lou Reed, John Cale, Moe Tucker, Doug Yule, Nico and the most in-depth interviews ever granted by Sterling Morrison, as well as never-before-published photographs by James Hamilton. The book will be launched on the occasion of Sterling Morrison’s 80th birthday, this August 29th [2022] inside the historic and legendary Oak Room of The Algonquin Hotel in New York City with an exhibition of James Hamilton’s unseen portraits of The Velvet Underground curated by Willis Loughhead with Ecstatic Peace Library. The author of Linger On is an internationally respected and trusted Velvet Underground chronicler; he is the Barcelona-based rock n roll editor Ignacio Julià, who also published books in Spanish and English on American post-punk band Sonic Youth. When members of The Velvet Underground toured in Spain Ruta 66 journalist Ignacio Julià was usually among their entourage, front row centre at curtain call, backstage after the gig, in attendance of afterparties and sometimes discovered in the band’s hotel rooms until lobby call. Since 1985 Ignacio Julià has obsessively followed the band’s career, interviewing and wining and dining the members over the years, and publishing countless articles, intimate profiles and books in Spanish and English on The Velvet Underground. He is known among international Velvets fan clubs as one of the most dedicated chroniclers and archivists of studio bootlegs, live concert recordings, writings and poetry to the extent that even the band’s own members refer to his knowledge for fact-checking purposes.