Hayden Thorpe

Ness: CD


Release Date: 27 September, 2024

Using a process of redaction, Thorpe brings songs to life from the pages of best-selling author Robert Macfarlane’s book of the same name. Ness is inspired by Suffolk’s Orford Ness, the former Ministry of Defence weapons development site during both World Wars and the Cold War. Acquired by the National Trust in 1993 and left to re-wild, it to this day remains a place of paradox, mystery and constant evolution. Thorpe’s Ness is an ode to Orford Ness, the physical place and the book it inspired, both featuring the words of Robert Macfarlane and the artwork of Stanley Donwood.


1. Merman
2. WTF Is That?
3. In The Green Chapel
4. It
5. Gull
6. He
7. Hagstone
8. She
9. Song Of The Bomb
10. They
11. V.
12. As
13. Closer Away

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