Sufjan Stevens +
Timo Andres +
Conor Hanick

Reflections: CD


Release Date: 19 May, 2023

Reflections is a recording of Sufjan Stevens’ sixth collaboration with acclaimed ballet and dance choreographer Justin Peck. Originally composed for World Premiere and performances (May 17-26, 2019) by Houston Ballet, the piano duet was recorded at Oktaven Studios by Ryan Streber and performed by pianists Timo Andres and Conor Hanick. Reflectionsis imbued with Stevens’ memorable and emotionally resonant melodies and arrangements and continues to establish Stevens as a contemporary composer.


1. Ekstasis

2. Revanche

3. Euphoros

4. Mnemosyne

5. Rodinia

6. Reflexion

7. And I Shall Come To You Like A Stormtrooper In Drag Serving Imperial Realness

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