Los Bitchos

Let The Festivities Begin (Los Chrismos Edition): Red Vinyl LP w/ Bonus Flexi 7" + Sticker Pack


Release Date: 8 December, 2023

London based pan-continental female four piece Los Bitchos were undoubtedly one of the breakthrough bands of 2022. 

Having played their retro-futuristic blend of Peruvian chicha, Argentine cumbia, Turkish psych and surf guitars at over 95 shows across 20 countries since their debut album was released on City Slang in February 2022, Los Bitchos release 2 festive tracks. 

‘Los Chrismos’ and ‘Tipp Tapp’ will be released on a flexi disc bundled with a red vinyl re-press of their album ‘Let The Festivities Begin!’. Let the festivities begin continue! 


Side A:
1. The Link Is About To Die
2. I Enjoy It
3. Pista (Fresh Start)
4. FFS
5. Tropico

Side B:
6. Las Panteras
7. Good to Go!
8. Change of Heart
9. Tripping at a Party
10. Try the circle!
11. Lindsay Goes to Mykonos

Flexi Bonus Disc:
A1: Los Chrismos 
B1: Tipp Tapp 

City Slang
Vinyl LP