We Belong: Limited Purple Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 April, 2024

We Belong, is the eighth studio album from Sinkane, a band led by multi- instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab. And like much of Sinkane’s previous releases, it resists genre. It’s pop. It’s funk. It’s electronic. It blends the gritty punk newness of a 70s and 80s New York with the steady, foundational soul of the rhythms of his native Sudan. Though We Belong comes deep into the catalog of a long career, it also resists stagnation. It moves and travels—through words and eras, through emotion and healing. Gallab calls this album his “love letter to Black music,” and each track pulses with the energy of different eras and forms: the gospel-soaked “Everything Is Everything,” the dreamy, Quiet Storm-influenced Afro-beats of “Rise Above,” the 70s-funk of “We Belong” and its Sly Stone influence, the Stevie Wonder-edged “Another Day”—they tell a story about Black music and Black people.

A1. Come Together
A2. Another Day (ft. STOUT & Bilal)
A3. Rise Above
A4. Invisible Distance (ft. Tru Osborne)
A5. Everything is Everything (ft. Tru Osborne)
B6. We Belong (ft. STOUT)
B7. How Sweet Is Your Love
B8. Liming
B9. Home (ft. Hollie Cook)
B10. The Anthem (ft. STOUT)

City Slang
Vinyl LP