The Lexicon Of Love: Limited Vinyl 4LP + BluRay


Release Date: 4 August, 2023

A commemoration of the album that kickstarted the 80s. With rare tracks and concert performances never before on vinyl, plus the original album half-speed mastered at Abbey Road by Miles Showell; a first time HD restoration on Blu-Ray of ABC’s feature film, Mantrap, plus a brand new Atmos and 5.1 surround mix of the album (individual and continuous mix) by Steven Wilson plus notes from Martin Fry himself, and essay by Record Collector’s Daryl Easlea, this is a suitably sumptuous celebration of one of the most perfect pop albums ever.

Double-gatefold packaging including outtakes of the cover photo session by Gered Mankowitz.

Few albums define a particular era as does The Lexicon Of Love. It’s embedded deep in the fabric of popular culture. Namechecked, referenced and, now, frequently in “best of all time” polls, the album opened up the 80s wide, in full, glorious Technicolor. In 1982, ABC became the toast of the world with this album. It also launched the production career of Trevor Horn. Like the greatest landmark albums, it has transcended its origins and is simply there, an ever-evolving testament to its marriage of youth, wit, creativity, technology, emotion, masterplan and happy accident.

  1. Show Me
  2. Poison Arrow
  3. Many Happy Returns
  4. Tears Are Not Enough
  5. Valentine’s Day
  1. The Look Of Love
  2. Date Stamp
  3. All Of My Heart
  4. 4 Ever 2 Gether
  5. The Look Of Love (Part Four)
  1. Overture*
  2. Surrender (Phonogram Demo)^
  3. Show Me (Phonogram Demo)^
  4. Tears Are Not Enough (Phonogram Demo)^
  1. Tears Are Not Enough* (Steve Brown 12”)
  2. Alphabet Soup* (Steve Brown 12”)
  3. Theme From ‘Man Trap’*
  1. Tears Are Not Enough (original 7”)*
  2. Poison Arrow (Jazz Mix)*
  3. The Look Of Love (Special Remix)*
  1. Overture^
  2. Show Me^
  3. Many Happy Returns^
  4. Tears Are Not Enough^
  1. Date Stamp^
  2. The Look Of Love^
  3. All Of My Heart^
  1. Valentine’s Day^
  2. 4 Ever 2 Gether^
  3. Poison Arrow^
  1. Mantrap (Julien Temple 1983) (55 minutes) - first time ever on DVD/BluRay.
  2. The Lexicon Of Love in Atmos, 5.1, stereo and instrumental mixed by Steven Wilson.
  3. Promo videos: Poison Arrow / The Look Of Love / All Of My Heart.
Vinyl LP