Gerald Clayton

Bells on Sand: Limited Colour Vinyl LP


Release Date: 1 April, 2022

Pianist & composer Gerald Clayton explores the impact and abstraction of time on his ravishing 2nd Blue Note album Bells On Sand, which features contributions from mentor Charles Lloyd on saxophone, father John Clayton on bass, longtime friend and peer Justin Brown on drums, and new collaborator MARO on vocals. “Each musician on the record represents a different aspect of the axis of time and its shifting sands,” says Clayton. “My father and Charles Lloyd, who has been a mentor figure to me, reflect new permutations of my past, and the lineage of elders who have shaped my development; Justin Brown, being my contemporary and musical brother, represents my present; and MARO represents the future—she is part of the next generation, and points to a brand new collaboration.” The music includes new originals, pieces by Catalan composer Federico Mompou and Gerald’s uncle Jeff Clayton, as well as two stunning solo piano versions of the standard “My Ideal.”


1. Water’s Edge feat. John Clayton & Justin Brown
2. Elegia feat. John Clayton
3. Damunt de tu Només les Flors feat. MARO, John Clayton & Justin Brown
4. My Ideal 1
5. That Roy feat. Justin Brown
6. Rip feat. Justin Brown
7. Just A Dream feat. MARO
8. My Ideal 2
9. Peace Invocation feat. Charles Lloyd
10. This Is Music Where You’re Going My Friends

Blue Note
Vinyl LP