For Self Defence: Limited Eco-Mix Graphite Grey Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 July, 2024

The blistering new album ‘For Self Defence’ from Brighton “supergroup” Pascagoula, featuring members of Charlottefield, Trencher and Mullholand.

The title “For Self Defence” was decided upon in 2020. It seemed fitting considering what was happening in the world then, and remains bitterly relevant now. Pascagoula

remained in their secret tin-foil prefab shelter in Brighton (near Europe) and reflected the tightening chaos and hardship of the world outside. The nine songs on their second album are sharper and more barbed, more violent and vitriolic, and more cruelly calculated than before. Songs about past traumas, regrets, anxieties, damaging relationships, mental illness, the bad choices we make in life, and their consequences. It’s no easier in here than it is out there.

On lead single ‘Insecurity Breach’ Pascagoula sayd: “Dave wrote a couple of riffs in the ugly/catchy mode. Adam applied himself to the on/off dynamics and played the bass like you’re not supposed to. Misha wrote a bridge riff with a specific point of impact. Ross thought it sounded anthemic, so wrote the opposite: a song about disunity, defeat, discouragement. A failed transmission.”

Human Worth have pressed up a Limited Edition run of stunning ‘Deluxe Graphite Eco Mix’ vinyl, in an overwhelming package by vocalist Ross Sargeant, with 10% of all proceeds donated to War Child UK’s Gaza appeal.


A1. For Self Defence
A2. Insecurity Breach
A3. Valve Kilmer
A4. Chainsmoker
A5. Consultants of Swing
B1. One Day None of Us Will Be Here
B2. Mournography
B3. End Signal
B4. Eternity Leave

Human Worth
Vinyl LP