Omar Apollo

God Said No: White Vinyl LP


Release Date: 28 June, 2024

Omar Apollo announces that his second studio album, God Said No, will be released on June 28th via Warner Records. Along with the announcement, Apollo offers a preview of what is to come on the album with the new single ‘Dispose of Me,’ which arrives with an accompanying live performance video of the song featuring a 14-piece ensemble. Apollo and the band put a new spin on ‘Dispose Of Me’ as they're surrounded by Omar's closest friends and collaborators.

God Said No was executive produced by Teo Halm and features musician Mustafa and actor Pedro Pascal. The album title is Omar’s interpretation of “lo que sera, sera” which translates to “whatever will be, will be” or “it is what it is.” The phrase embodies the album with Omar’s tongue-in-cheek humorous outlook on the suffering that comes from surrendering and accepting whatever is thrown at you by life, a relationship or lover.


1. ‘Be Careful With Me’
2. ‘Spite’
3. ‘Less of You’
4. ‘Done With You’
5. ‘Plane Trees’ (ft. Mustafa)
6. ‘Drifting'
7. ‘Empty’
8. ‘Life’s Unfair’
9. ‘Against Me’
10. ‘While U Can’
11. ‘Dispose of Me’
12. ‘How’
13. ‘Pedro’
14. ‘Glow’

Vinyl LP