Shed Seven

Liquid Gold: Signed Liquid Gold & Black Splatter Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 27 September, 2024

Shed Seven - Liquid Gold: Signed 'Liquid Gold & Black' Splatter 2LP edition. Limited one-off pressing.

Following from Shed Seven's chart-topping no. 1 album A Matter Of Time earlier in 2024 the group are back with Liquid Gold, a second brand new album for 2024.

Introducing Shed Seven's latest offering for 2024: Liquid Gold. A loving tribute to their 30-year journey as recording artists. This special album revisits iconic tracks from their past, reimagined with the addition of an orchestra, promising a nostalgic yet fresh sonic experience. Liquid Gold is completed by a brand new song which was written specifically for this project in the shape of ‘All Roads Lead To You’, adding to the band’s storied discography.

Disc 1

A1. Getting Better (Liquid Gold version)
A2. Speakeasy (Liquid Gold version)
A3. Devil In Your Shoes (Liquid Gold version)
A4. On Standby (Liquid Gold version)

B1. Going For Gold (Liquid Gold version)
B2. Waiting for the Catch (ft. Issy Ferris) (Liquid Gold version) 
B3. Better Days (Liquid Gold version)
B4. Parallel Lines (Liquid Gold version)

Disc 2

C1. Disco Down (Liquid Gold version)
C2. Ocean Pie (Liquid Gold version)
C3. All Roads Lead To You
C4. Chasing Rainbows (Liquid Gold version)

Side D = Etched

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