GoGo Penguin

Man Made Object: Grey Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 3 May, 2024

Man Made Object is the third album by Mancunian jazz piano trio GoGo Penguin, and their first on Blue Note released in 2016. Their inimitable way of mixing minimalist piano themes, powerful bass lines and electro-influenced drum parts earned them a nomination for England’s Mercury Prize. Although they play real instruments, the members of GoGo Penguin are undeniably inspired by the various currents of electronic music, their love of arcade game beeps, the most surprising rhythmic patterns, hypnotic melodies a la Aphex Twin and powerful bass lines always shining through their music. This ability to incorporate influences as diverse as electronica, jazz and classical music into their musical DNA is precisely what makes GoGoPenguin so easily recognisable.

Side A
1. All Res 5:16
2. Unspeakable World 4:44
3. Branches Break 4:23

Side B
1. Weird Cat 5:39
2. Quiet Mind 4:24
3. Smarra 6:21

Side C
1. Initiate 4:47
3. Surrender to Mountain 3:59

Side D
1. Protest 4:45
2. Fading: Feigning 5:05

Decca Records
Vinyl LP