Salif Keïta

Moffou: Transparent Red Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 3 May, 2024

2LP Red transparent colour vinyl.

In 2002, after his many musical peregrinations, Salif Keïta made with Moffou a salutary return to his roots. Over 20 years later, the magic is still working. On Moffou, “the golden voice of Africa” offers a renewed music, built on acoustic sounds, bathed in a melodic clarity highlighting an essentially traditional instrumentation.

Moffou is both the name of an African flute, a very simple instrument used by peasants, and at the same time the name of a cultural complex created by Salif Keïta in the vicinity of Bamako, a space for exchange and dissemination of Malian culture. Musical simplicity and tradition on the one hand, universality and openness on the other, these are the elements that make this record a remarkable production. Surrounded by sensitive musicians, Salif Keita navigates between intimate ballads (such as “Souvent”, “Iniagige” or “Ana Na Ming”) and more upbeat rhythms, and invites Cesaria Evora to join him for one track (“Yamore”).

The album re-issue on vinyl includes the famous 2003 cover of “Madan” by Martin Solveig as a bonus track.

Side A
1.YAMORE 7’23
2. INIAGIGE 4’33
3. MADAN 6’00

Side B
1. KATOLON 6’58
2. SOUVENT 3’17

Side C
1.BABA 4’44
2. ANA NA MING 6’13
3. KOUKOU 6’02

Side D
1. HERE 9’07
2. MADAN - REMIX 3’11

Decca Records
Vinyl LP