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Abbey Lincoln

Over The Years: Orange Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 3 May, 2024

2LP Orange colour vinyl.

Recorded in 2000, mostly in New York, Over the Years is aimed at summing up Abbey Lincoln’s long career and is likely her best album.

Performing in quartet and accompanied, on some tracks, by the tenor saxophone of Joe Lovano or the trumpet of Jerry Gonzalez, the singer delivers, as usual, a tour de chant punctuated by her singular, nonchalant, haranguing and poetic voice. Borrowing from her own compositions or standards, such as Michel Legrand’s “Windmills Of Your Mind”, Abbey Lincoln continues her personal story of music and song. Abbey sings to her people, the people of blues, gospel and jazz, as if the work songs of yesteryear had never ceased to resonate within her. A subtlety of interpretation that culminates in the apotheosis of an a cappella “Tender As A Rose”.

Side A
1. When The Lights Go On Again 5’53
2. Black Berry Blossoms 4’08
3. Somos Novios 6’11

Side B

1. A Heart Is Not A Toy 4’13
2. I Could Sing It For A Song 4’20
3. I'm Not Supposed To Know 3’59

Side C
1. Windmills Of Your Mind 5’06
2. Lucky To Be Me 7’30

Side D

1. What Will Tomorrow Bring 6’26
2. Tender As A Rose 3’17

Decca Records
Vinyl LP