illuminati Hotties

POWER: Ultra Clear Vinyl LP


Release Date: 23 August, 2024

Tenderpunk pioneer ~ Illuminati Hotties is the musical project founded by producer/writer, Sarah Tudzin. The new self produced album Power with co-production by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Death Cab For Cutie) features the Hotties trademark wit, vibrancy, and is undeniably fun. Tuzdin says about lead single Let Me In, “I find that something I have in common with most people that I talk to lately is the immense fear of and inability to be alone with ourselves. Constant motion, avoidance, restlessness – anything to keep myself from stagnating have always been my coping mechanisms when my inner monologue starts to get loud.” Power features Cavetown on single Didn’t. Songs by Illuminati Hotties appear in Fortnite and Netflix as well. The previous album, 2001’s Let Me Do One More, landed on multiple Best Of lists, including NY Times, LA Times, NPR, Spin, Paste, Consequence, Pitchfork, & Esquire. Tuzdin contributed a song for Star Wars spinoff show “Ashoka”, collabed with Duck’s LTD, and produced music for Pom Pom Squad, Speed Ortiz, and Boygenius. Her work with Boygenius was nominated for 3 Grammy awards and won Best Alternative Music album.


1. Can't Be Still
2. I Would Like, Still Love You
3. Throw (Life Raft)
4. Rot
5. Falling In Love With Somebody Better
6. The L
7. Sleeping In
8. Didn't (feat. Cavetown)
9. You Are Not Who You Were
10. What's The Fuzz
11. YSL
12. Power
13. Everything Changes

Vinyl LP