Megan Moroney

Am I Okay? CD


Release Date: 12 July, 2024

Am I Okay? is the massively anticipated sophomore album from breakout Country superstar Megan Moroney, and is an up-close look at the life-changing pain of heartbreak and the glory of moving on. As she doubles down on the gorgeously detailed storytelling of her blockbuster full-length debut Lucky, the Georgia-bred singer/songwriter lights up every track with her signature balance of raw emotional honesty and warmhearted sensitivity—as well as the endless supply of down-to-earth charm that’s made her one of Country music’s most dynamic new stars.

A truly gifted songwriter, Moroney also brings a tremendous depth to Am I Okay?’s more fun-loving moments, such as “Indifferent”: a wildly euphoric track that weaves whistled melodies and pounding drumbeats through her full-tilt celebration of breaking free from infatuation with an old love. The album leaves the listener both undeniably dazzled and more deeply connected to the full expanse of their own emotional life.

Am I Okay?’s finespun songwriting and high-powered sound is achieved with the help of Moroney’s longtime producer Kristian Bush (Sugarland).

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