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The Little Mermaid: CD


Release Date: 5 July, 2024

Featuring all-new performances by the cast, the soundtrack is set to feature four new original songs that the original film's composer, Alan Menken, co-wrote with Lin-Manuel Miranda. 'At first, Lin-Manuel Miranda was struggling to do Alan Menken-style songs, and he felt like, walking in Howard Ashman's shoes was a daunting prospect. Then we wrote some songs that were in Lin's wheelhouse and for me, walking in Lin-Manuel Miranda's shoes was a daunting prospect, but we had a blast', Menken recently shared. The iconic Disney movie musical features classic songs like 'Part of Your World', 'Poor Unfortunate Souls', 'Kiss the Girl', and 'Under the Sea'.

1. Triton's Kingdom 
2. Part of Your World - Performed by Halle
3. Fathoms Below - Performed by John Dagleish and Christopher Fairbank and Jonah Hauer-King and Ensemble - The Little Mermaid
4. Part of Your World (Reprise) - Performed by Halle
5. Under the Sea - Performed by Daveed Diggs and Cast - The Little Mermaid
6. Wild Uncharted Waters - Performed by Jonah Hauer-King
7. Poor Unfortunate Souls - Performed by Melissa McCarthy
8. For the First Time - Performed by Halle
9. Kiss the Girl - Performed by Daveed Diggs and Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina and Ensemble - The Little Mermaid
10. The Scuttlebutt - Performed by Daveed Diggs and Awkwafina
11. Eric's Decision 
12. Vanessa's Trick 
13. Part of Your World (Reprise II) - Performed by Halle
14. Kiss the Girl (Island Band Reprise) 
15. Finale 

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