Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties

In Lieu of Flowers: Clear / Purple Split Vinyl LP


Release Date: 12 April, 2024

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, (Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years) present In Lieu of Flowers, the final album of the Aaron West trilogy, a character study conducted through music. The debut album We Don’t Have Each Other introduces Aaron West, an alcoholic, grief-stricken man who lost his father, his wife, and his unborn child, all within a year. Routine Maintenance continues the trilogy following West as he formed his band (The Roaring Twenties) & travels across America. In Lieu of Flowers, sees West confront what’s been haunting him for the last decade. Essential album tracks include Spitting at the Wind, Whiplash, & Alone at St. Luke’s. Via a podcast series, journal entries, live videos, and busking sessions: the rich lore of Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties is explored to bring in & catch up fans in anticipation of the trilogy’s conclusion and forthcoming headlining tours.


1. Smoking Rooms
2. Roman Candles
3. Paying Bills at the End of the World
4. Monongahela Park
5. Alone at St. Luke’s
6. Whiplash
7. Spitting in the Wind
8. I’m an Albatross
9. Runnin’ Out of Excuses
10. In Lieu of Flowers
11. Dead Leaves

Vinyl LP