New Found Glory

Resurrection: Coke Bottle Green Vinyl LP


Release Date: 29 March, 2024

"Resurrection is a powerhouse of a record, the brave onward steps of New Found Glory proving that hope--like pop-punk--is not dead.”- Kerrang!

 "This is New Found Glory at their finest, delivering the best album since Sticks and Stones.” - it's all dead

Released in 2014. After their first lineup change in 25 years, New Found Glory rocks harder than ever on "Resurrection." This album is pure, triumphant pop-punk, bursting with newfound focus and confidence. Forget a band recovering from loss - they sound totally revitalized. Instead of mopey breakup ballads, "Resurrection" is like the ultimate breakup album for anyone who's finally moved on and ready to embrace the sunshine. It's full of energy and life, with just a hint of bitterness for good measure. It's a return to their classic sound, proving that even with a new lineup, New Found Glory is stronger than ever. Get ready for bright things ahead for this streamlined punk outfit!

Essential Tracks include ”Selfless” & “Ready and Willing”]


1. Selfless
2. Resurrection
3. The Worst Person
4. Ready and Willing
5. One More Round
6. Vicious Love
7. Persistent
8. Stories of a Different Kind
9. Degenerate
10. Angel
11. Stubborn
12. Living Hell
13. On My Own

Vinyl LP