This Is How The Wind Shifts (10th Anniversary): Limited Gold Inside Clear Vinyl LP


Release Date: 1 September, 2023

After years of being out of print, and on its 10 year anniversary, Silverstein is reissuing This Is How The Wind Shifts on limited edition vinyl. Celebrating ten years of the innovative, ground-breaking, and pivotal release, Canada's punk/hardcore/emo torchbearers, Silverstein, credit the album for kickstarting the second half of their illustrious career. At its heart a concept album that explores and bends song and album structure; the band wrote the album as complementary pairs - each A side release has a corresponding B side release, a call and response. The album consists of six different stories alongside parallel tracks: One of the songs begins the story and another ends the story. The result is an artistic endeavour that culminated in the feat of having 2 songs, that when played/layered together, created one song that served as the secret/hidden outro to the album.

The fan favorite album also opened the door into the band's modern heavy sound, with "Massachusetts" and "Stand Amid The Roar" serving as both catchy and heavy/emotional songs that have stood the test of time. With ambitious song-writing and beautiful production and performances, This Is How The Wind Shifts, has fueled the band into their modern sound, influencing a genre of their own making. In Fall 2023, the band will be celebrating the album with an anniversary tour, playing the album in full, and helping fans rediscover the classic album that ushered in a new era for the band.


1. Stand Amid The Roar
2. On Brave Mountains We Conquer
3. Massachusetts
4. This is How
5. A Better Place
6. Hide Your Secrets
7. Arrivals
8. In a Place of Solace
9. In Silent Seas We Drown
10. California
11. The Wind Shifts
12. To Live and To Lose
13. With Second Chances
14. Departures

Vinyl LP