Morgan Wade

Obsessed: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 16 August, 2024

Morgan Wade was feeling the urge to simplify after a period of relentless touring and intense media scrutiny during the last couple of years. Every time she sat down with her guitar, new songs just started pouring out. “They were just coming to me left and right,” Wade says. The Virginia-born singer-songwriter made a choice to return to the basics for her new album ‘Obsessed’, a solo-written, stripped-down 14-track collection produced by her touring guitarist Clint Wells that showcases Wade at her rawest and most vulnerable. “I really wanted to get back to doing what I used to do,” she says. “Just make this whatever I wanted it to be.” Wade’s third album and follow-up to 2023’s ‘Psychopath’, ‘Obsessed’ puts the focus on Wade’s storytelling abilities and singular voice. She writes with incredible force about the ache for home and the emotion of being reunited with loved ones, of feeling dangerously preoccupied with someone, and of being in situations that society might consider outside the norm. On ‘Obsessed’, Wade also does a thorough examination and inventory of her journey as a person, not sparing any ugly details when she’s been the one at fault. It’s a fearless look into the life of one of country music’s most exciting talents, arriving right as she’s hitting her stride.


1. Total Control
2. Department Store
3. Time to Love, Time to Kill
4. Obsessed
5. Juliet
6. 2 AM In London
7. Hansel and Gretel
8. Spin
9. Reality
10. Walked On Water (with Kesha)
11. Halloween
12. Crossing State Lines
13. Moth to a Flame
14. Deconstruction

Vinyl LP