Body Meat

Starchris: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 23 August, 2024

Starchris sees Body Meat (real name: Christopher Taylor) weaving his sugar-coated production wizardry with deeply soulful vocal performances and kaleidoscopic percussion. Across 13 tracks, he explores the roughest edges of r&b, IDM, club music, experimental pop, trap, footwork, and metal, only to soften them into something remarkably warm and welcoming, finding catharsis amongst chaos.

With this record, Body Meat embarks on a multi-dimensional endeavor, partly influenced by the interwoven and complex world-building found in role playing video games. Taylor imagines each song as its own distinct ‘level,’ and himself as the avatar moving through an immersive storyline. In its totality, Starchris evokes both the exhilaration and the emotional challenges that are part of any long, transformative journey.

This record follows a string of acclaimed EP releases, which earned Body Meat early profiles with Pitchfork, Clash, Fact Mag, Bandcamp + more.


1. A Tone in The Dark
2. The Mad Hatter
3. High Beams
4. Electrische
5. Focus
6. Right Here
7. Crystalize
8. North Side
9. Starchris
10. Im In Pieces
11. Demons
12. Ōbu No Seirei (Spirit of an Orb)
13. Paradise

Partisan Records
Vinyl LP