Roots (25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition): 5LP Box Set


Release Date: 9 August, 2024

Roots is the legendary sixth studio album from Roadrunner legendary metallers Sepulture and is the band's last to feature founding member and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Max Cavalera.

This 5LP Super Deluxe Box Set features the original album (inc bonus song ‘Canyon Jam’, two LPs of alternate mixes and takes plus demo version and a fifth LP of their unreleased performance at Ozzfest Phoenix in 1996.

The set comes in a custom spot-varnished hard box with 3 gatefold tip-on jackets, new custom artwork and a Sepultura embroidered patch and fold out poster exclusive to this edition.

Following the shift to slower tempos and Latin-tinged rhythms on the album Chaos A.D., Roots delves even further into Brazilian musical textures. Both in sound and overall aesthetic, Roots is also a conscious nod to Brazil's marginalized indigenous population and cultures. The song "Itsári" features a Xavante chant that re-appears on the song "Born Stubborn" and serves as a loose thematic thread for the whole album, which on the whole showcases the band's increased affinity for experimentation and collaboration. "Lookaway" features guest appearances by Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis, then-Korn drummer David Silveria, House of Pain/Limp Bizkit turntablist DJ Lethal, and Faith No More/Mr. Bungle vocalist Mike Patton.


A1 Roots Bloody Roots 3:32
A2 Attitude 4:15
A3 Cut-Throat 2:45
A4 Ratamahatta 4:30
B1 Breed Apart 4:30
B2 Straighthate 5:22
B3 Spit 2:46
B4 Lookaway 5:26

C1 Dusted 4:03
C2 Born Stubborn 4:07
C3 Jasco 1:58
C4 Itsari 4:49
C5 Ambush 4:40
D1 Endangered Species 5:19
D2 Dictatorshit 1:26
D3 Canyon Jam (bonus track) 13:17

E1 Ratamahatta (2 Meter Sessions) 5:26
E2 Roots Bloody Roots (2 Meter Sessions) 3:37
E3 Attitude (2 Meter Sessions) 5:59
E4 Kaiowas (Take 1) 3:38
E5 Procreation (Of The Wicked) 5:05
F1 Roots Bloody Roots (Demo) 3:32
F2 Attitude (Instrumental Rough Mix) 4:16
F3 Cut-Throat (Instrumental Rough Mix) 2:46
F4 Dictatorshit (instrumental Rough Mix) 1:28
F5 Untitled (Demo) 4:14
F6 Esquadrao Da Morte (Demo) **Retitled** 1:15
F7 Dusted (Demo) 4:27

G1 War 6:40
G2 Mine 6:25
G3Lookaway (Master Vibe Mix) 5:36
H1 Roots Bloody Roots (Megawatt Mix 1) 4:01
H2 Roots Bloody Roots (Megawatt Mix 2) 4:08
H3 Mine (Andy Wallace Mix) 7:58
H4 Attitude (Live Ozzfest San Bernardino 10/26/96) 5:02

I1 Intro-Roots Bloody Roots (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 4:21
I2 Spit (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 2:36
I3 Territory (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 4:35
I4 Breed Apart (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 4:48
I5 Attitude (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 5:23
J1 Straighthate (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 5:14
J2 Arise (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 3:23
J3 Reufse/Resist (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 4:07
J4 Douche Crew (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 1:43
J5 Ratahmahatta (Live Ozzfest Phoenix 10/25/96) 5:20

**Tracks 1-5 on Side I and tracks 1-5 on Side J are previously unreleased

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