Akira Yamaoka

Silent Hill 3: 180gm Eco-Vinyl LP


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Mondo, in collaboration with Konami, are proud to present the latest in the on-going Silent Hill soundtrack series. The premiere vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to the 2003 horror classic, Silent Hill 3. 

Like Akira Yamaoka's previous two Silent Hill scores, Silent Hill 3 is a mix of beautiful and truly terrifying soundscapes, mixed with brilliant, layered guitar driven rock and trip-hop. The dichotomy in tones and genres is part of the charm of this surreal series, in particular for this title which follows our lead character Heather as she navigates her bloodline, her relationship to the eponymous town and the monstrous spectres that have begun to bleed into her world... and her chronic dream-like disappearances into their world.  

Featuring all new artwork by Ashley Swidowski and Nephelomancer, and liner notes from horror game expert Alexander Aniel. 

Mondo Records
Vinyl LP