Eli & Fur

Dreamscapes: CD


Release Date: 27 September, 2024

Dreamscapes, the second album by the London-born, LA-based duo Eli & Fur, unfolds itself in the introspective, yet transformative spaces that come alive between the hours of dusk and dawn. In this nocturnal interlude, the veil between self and surroundings grows thin and time suddenly stands still. As the outside world fades away a sense of solace and sanctuary sets in, opening the door for the ordinary to give way to the extraordinary. An electrifying opus that tempts the intricate interplay of thoughts and emotions, Dreamscapes is a 15-track homage to the cathartic musings of our most solitary wanderings of all corners of the night and the flashes in between.

Poised to transcend the traditional listening experience, this latest body of work further affirms Eli & Fur’s unparalleled ability to harmonize diverse musical elements with universally connective themes. More than an album, Dreamscapes is a feeling. It’s the resounding buzz of a night in Paris spent reminiscing under the stars. It’s the excitement and trepidation of wondering what awaits you on the next horizon. It’s the lingering euphoria of missing someone you love and it’s a solo cab ride home from a night out, chasing the sunrise as the first light of dawn approaches.


1. Dreamscapes
2. Wild Flowers
3. Heart Made Of Glass
4. Golden Eyes and Tears
5. Love Again (with Hugo Cantarra, Richard Judge)
6. Missing You
7. Cold Confetti
8. Monsters
9. I’ll Find You
10. My Reflection
11. Hello Echo
12. Insomnia
13. Mom’s Violin (with Lila)
14. Do You Ever Dream Of Me
15. Oceanside

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