Maclaine Diemer

Firmament (OST): Limited Deep Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 20 September, 2024

Cyan Worlds, Emperia Records, and Laced Records are bringing the captivating music of the steampunk puzzle-adventure Firmament to vinyl.

The 17 meticulously mastered tracks will be pressed to a deep red, heavyweight vinyl LP housed in a beautifully designed, collectable spined outer sleeve. The back cover includes liner notes from composer Maclaine Diemer and stunning artwork by the Cyan Worlds development team.

Firmament is an addictive new game by the same legendary studio behind the best-selling games Myst and Riven. It features rich storylines and world-building set in a seemingly abandoned world where you can explore and unlock its various mysteries.

Composer Maclaine Diemer, an insatiably curious composer and multi-instrumentalist, has created a darkly powerful, yet meditative score that draws the listener into unique, atmospheric, sonic intrigue. The score is a haunting, industrial ambient soundscape that is in equal measures both beautifully emotional and darkly foreboding.

Diemer blends deep drones and fantastic musical soundscapes, created in his Los Angeles studio with both vintage and modern synthesizers. The score features a host of unusual acoustic and electric instruments, warped tapes, and found sounds, all processed and manipulated beyond recognition. Regardless of his musical methods, the results are a deeply satisfying and, at times, unsettling listening experience that evokes glimpses into the mystery at the heart of Firmament.


1. Maintain the Firmament
2. Ascent to Curievale
3. The Glacial Realm
4. Frozen Footsteps
5. Processing
6. The Spire
7. Juleston
8. Power Station
9. Deep in the Mines
10. Batteries Casting Shadows
11. The Embrace
12. Atriums and Seed Vaults
13. Sun on St. Andrew
14. The Reservoir
15. Remnants of Margot
16. Echoes of Past Futures
17. Across Eras

Laced Records
Vinyl LP