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Eccentric Soul - The Saadia Label: Limited 'Super Funky Forest Green & Blue' Splatter Vinyl LP


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Release date: 12 January, 2024

After the fall of the Deep City label, Rocketeers bandleader Frank Williams set up shop under the name of his twin daughters Saadia and Giwada and got to work reinventing the Miami Sound. Tracked between 1968-1970, this LP gathers 15 of Saadia’s funkiest and deeply soulful moments, featuring Pearl Dowell, Joey Gilmore, Little Beaver, Frank Williams’ Rocketeers, Robert Moore, Brother Williams, and Sam Baker. Your next sample, first dance, workout jam or closing credits isburied in here somewhere.

1. Pearl Dowell - It’s All Over
2. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay
3. Robert Moore - Just Can’t Help Myself
4. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Do Right Man
5. Brother Williams - Right On Brother
6. Pearl Dowell - Good Things
7. Joey Gilmore - Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone
8. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Blind Man
9. Joey Gilmore - Girl Your Best Friend Done Took Your Place
10. Robert Moore - Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
11. Little Beaver & The Rocketeers - Do It To Me One More Time
12. Thunder Lightning And Rain - Super Funky
13. Brother Williams - Cold Sweat
14. Joey Gilmore - Blind Man
15. Sam Baker - Do Right Man

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