Laura Marling

Patterns in Repeat: Limited Cream Vinyl LP + Signed Print


Release Date: 25 October, 2024

Limited edition clear vinyl + exclusive signed print bundle!

Grammy nominated and Mercury Prize nominated Laura Marling is back with her eighth studio album Patterns in Repeat. Now eight albums and 15+ years into her career as one of the most acclaimed, prolific and respected songwriters of her generation (multiple Grammy nominations, Mercury nods a Brit Award and more), in Patterns in Repeat Laura aims to occupy different spaces and continues to surprise: "Laura Marling is not quite who you might think she is"

Written after the birth of her daughter in 2023 (and recorded with her in the room beside Laura), Patterns in Repeat now finds Laura reflecting on her own experience becoming a mother. The sounds are grounded in a specific and revelatory time in Laura's life, but more broadly dives deeper into her reckoning with the ideas and behaviours we pass down through family over generations.

Almost entirely acoustic with minimal overdubbing and elegantly placed orchestral accents, this is the most focused, subtle and sharpest collection of Laura's career.


1. Child of Mine
2. Patterns
3. Your Girl
4. No One's Gonna Love You Like I Can
5. The Shadows
6. Interlude (Time Passages)
7. Caroline
8. Looking Back
9. Lullaby
10. Patterns in Repeat
11. Lullaby (Instrumental)