Queer + Black: Signed Exclusive Split Colour Vinyl LP


Release Date: 18 February, 2022

Grove is a Bristol-based vocalist, producer and DJ. Their music combines feminine and masculine energies that reside within, filtering them through an innovative, sensuous & rave-inspired sound. Their debut EP 'Queer + Black' is an exploration of identity, both personal and political, it is a deft combination of sharp hooks and splintering beats beamed in from a club in 3021 AD. Named one of the Best EPs and Albums of the Year so far by Mixmag.

"Going hard with the drum and bass beats and the blunt aggression of the icy end of hyperpop, Grove's music is unforgiving and confrontational" - Gal-Dem

"a heady mixture of spacey 90s rave, clattering jungle breaks" - Mixmag

"an ode to Black, queer nightlife" - Them

"A display of the transformative power club culture can have" - Clash

Vinyl LP