Manchester Orchestra

COPE - Live at The Earl: Limited 'Bone' Vinyl LP + Exclusive Print


Release Date: 6 September, 2024

Includes limited indie exclusive 'bone' colour vinyl edition + exclusive print.

Releasing COPE, Manchester Orchestra stated it was an "unapologetically heavy rock record". Ten years later, the legacy holds up as the band's loudest, fastest, & most pounding album of their career. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this seminal album COPE, Manchester Orchestra took the stage for one night only at East Atlanta’s tiny but beloved rock venue The Earl to perform a blistering set, performing the record from start to finish. Immortalized on this special 10th anniversary tribute.


01. Top Notch
02. Choose You
03. Girl Harbor
04. The Mansion
05. The Ocean
06. Every Stone
07. All That I Really Wanted
08. Trees
09. Indentions
10. See It Again
11. Cope
12. After The Scripture

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