Katherine Jenkins

Cinema Paradiso: CD


Release Date: 3 July, 2020

The biggest selling classical artist of the century, Katherine Jenkins OBE, presents her 14th studio album, ‘Cinema Paradiso.’ Comprised of 15 iconic tracks, the new album is a collection of unforgettable songs from some of the world’s best loved movie moments including; ‘Moon River’ from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pinocchio’s ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, ‘Tonight’ from West Side Story, featuring fellow Welsh star, Luke Evans, as well as themes from Schindler’s List, Lord of the Rings and Dances with Wolves.

Katherine says - “ I've always loved movie soundtracks. I wanted to create an iconic movie moment with this record - all the best film musical themes that we know and love, all together on one album. The last few albums I’ve made have been inspired by what’s happening in my own world. This one in particular was inspired by the things that were going on around me. Having played my first movie role last year, it felt like a natural transition for me.”

1. When You Wish Upon A Star from ‘Pinocchio’
2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Somewhere Far Away) from ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’
3. Cinema Paradiso featuring Alberto Urso from ‘Cinema Paradiso’
4. Never Love Again from ‘A Star Is Born’
5. Moon River from ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’
6. Singin’ In The Rain from ‘Singin’ In The Rain’
7. West Side Story – Somewhere/Tonight featuring Luke Evans from ‘West Side Story’
8. O Danny Boy from ‘Memphis Belle’
9. Schindler’s List from ‘Schindler’s List’
10. The Rose from ‘The Rose’
11. May It Be from ‘Lord Of The Rings’
12. Here’s To The Heroes from ‘Dances With Wolves’

Bonus Tracks:
1. The Rose featuring Shaun Escoffery
2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Somewhere Far Away) featuring Sarah Alainn
3. Cinema Paradiso

Decca Records
CD Album