Capcom Sound Team

Monster Hunter - World (Original Soundtrack): Limited Mustard & Blue Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 30 August, 2024

As the series celebrates 20 years in the hunt, Capcom and Laced Records have squadded up to bring the stirring music of Monster Hunter: World to vinyl.

This double LP features 20 essential track selections, pressed to mustard and blue solid colour vinyl. These come in printed inner sleeves, which slip into a wide-spined outer sleeve printed on reverse board. Sleeve art is by the Monster Hunter team.

The Monster Hunter: World music team comprised long-time series contributors Tadayoshi Makino, Akihiko Narita, Yuko Komiyama and Masato Kouda, alongside Zhenlan Kang (Resident Evil series). From the Ancient Forest to Elder’s Recess, the sometimes soaring, sometimes playful soundtrack is full of memorable moments. Thunderous, layered percussion, aggressive brass, and sweeping string motifs push and pull players through their tense struggles with Teostra, Bazelgeuse, and the like. Whether a hunt has gone very right or very wrong, the music of Monster Hunter: World always serves to immerse hunters in the wilds of the New World.


1. Main Theme - Stars At Our Backs
2. Main Menu
3. Meeting a Friend
4. Cornerstone of the New World - Astera
5. Preparing for the Journey - Living Quarters
6. Savage of the Ancient Forest
7. Murmurs from the Land Forbidden
8. Rulers of the Wildspire
9. Dancer in the Coral Highlands
10. The Shadow Upon the Tempest - Kushala Daora (World version)

11. The Invading Tyrant - Bazelgeuse
12. Keeper of Hades - Vaal Hazak
13. Even Elder Dragons Tremble - Nergigante
14. Quest Complete! - Proof of a Hero version
15. Gorgeous Days - Private Suite
16. Proof of a Hero - Monster Hunter: World version (Extended edition)
17. Ruler of the Flame - Teostra (World version)
18. How Life Springs Anew
19. Guidance
20. Pride of a Nameless Hunter

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