Marco Beltrami +
Buck Sanders

Warm Bodies (Original Motion Picture Score): CD


Release Date: 28 June, 2024

Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders' score to the zom-rom-com Warm Bodies faced a tall order: their music had to balance genuinely scary moments, romantic moments, bits of comic relief, and convey the quiet despair of a post-apocalyptic world. The duo delivers on all counts: highlights include the quirky, wittily named "Music for Airports," the strangely poignant "Zombie Bros," tense cues such as "Run for It," and hopeful tracks like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." Elsewhere, "Admission to Dream" and "Looking for Julie/Balcony Serenade" add more depth and atmosphere to the proceedings . Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders have collaborated in creating numerous soundtracks, including that of The Hurt Locker, for which they received an Oscar nomination for the best soundtrack in 2010.


1. Music for Airport Zombies
2. Intro the Greenzone
3. Back to the Lair
4. Zombie March
5. Eating Vicariously
6. Why Me?
7. Run for It
8. For a Few Days More
9. Bad Brains/Zombie Wacker
10. Boney Chase
11. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
12. Marcus Sees the Light
13. Admission to Dream
14. Zombie Bros
15. Looking for Julie/Balcony Serenade
16. Walk Through Greenzone
17. Entering the Armory
18. Run from Dad/Zombies United
19. Run! Zombie Saves
20. Marcus' Trump Stumps
21. Might as Well Jump
22. R Shot Alive

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