Los Bitchos

Pah! Vinyl 7" Single


Sorry Sold Out

Los Bitchos are without a doubt one of THE bands of last year! 

Their new EP “Pah!” features a cover of "Tequila," originally by The Champs, which has become a favorite at Los Bitchos' incredible live shows, as well as a reimagining of King Gizzard's "Trapdoor." The band says of these songs, "We love King Gizzard and "Trapdoor" was a song of theirs that lent itself to a cover. It was that repetitive hook of "Trapdoor, trapdoor, trapdoor" that we found so captivating and trippy. It also translates beautifully as a guitar hook! Our version starts out like a dreary summer day and ramps up in a fast-paced tempo change that hints that all is not as it seems, and that trouble could be brewing.... Hehe..."

Side A
Trapdoor (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard cover) 

Side B

City Slang
Vinyl 7" Single