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Naughty By Nature

19 Naughty III: 30th Anniversary Edition Orange Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 24 February, 2023

Originally released 30 years ago on Feb 23rd 1993, Naughty By Nature released their sophomore album with the anthem of 93, Hip-Hop Hooray. Out of print on vinyl since its debut 19NaughtyIII is being reissued with 6 remixes from the original 12 inches.

Side A
1    19 Naughty III     
2    Hip Hop Hooray     
3    Ready for Dem     
4    Take It to Ya Face     
5    Daddy Was a Street Corner     

Side B
1    The Hood Comes First     
2    The Only Ones     
3    It's on     
4    Cruddy Clique     
5    Knock Em Out Da Box     
6    Hot Potato     

Side C
1    Sleepin' on Jersey     
2    Written on Ya Kitten     
3    Sleepwalkin' II Shoutouts     
4    Hip Hop Hooray (Pete Rock Remix)     

Side D
1    Hip Hop Hooray (Extended Mix)     
2    Written on Ya Kitten (Q-Funk Mix)     
3    Written on Ya Kitten (Shandi's Smooth Mix)     
4    It's on (Beatnuts Remix)     
5    It's on (Sunship Edit)

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