3FOR82: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 24 May, 2024

Travis Stewart’s journey to making 3FOR82 began, fittingly, on 3/4. For his 41st birthday, on March 4th last year, he ventured out to Joshua Tree National Park, California, to seek clarity and inspiration for what became his 11th studio album as Machinedrum; 12 high-intensity, ruminative tracks that thread the needle between his past, present and future selves. “I’ve been to Joshua Tree many times and I’ve always felt a great sense of clarity every time I visit,” Stewart explains, “and I knew that I should, at some point in my life, go out there to work on something creatively.”

3FOR82 builds on the vocalist-centric, genre-blending songwriting of the last Machinedrum album, 2020’s A View Of U, and the thematic groundwork laid down on 2023 EP 4#TRAX (dedicated to channel trax on IRC, a ‘90s chat platform). Between drum & bass, hip-hop, jazz, R&B and juke, dazzling beat switches and a singular ear for sonics, Stewart weaves in a crew of collaborators. Jesse Boykins III, the album’s co-executive producer and a close friend of Stewart, leads with various contributions; while a ritzy cast including Tinashe, KUČKA, Duckwrth, AKTHESAVIOR, Mick Jenkins, Ezri, Tanerélle, Deniro Farrar, Topaz Jones, deem spencer, aja monet, ROZET, Will Johnson and Ian Maciak rounds the record off.


1. ORACLE (feat. aja monet)
2. RESPEK (feat. Topaz Jones & Ezri)
3. WEARY (feat. Mick Jenkins & Jesse Boykins III)
4. H0N3Y
5. HEAL (feat. AKTHESAVIOR & Deniro Farrar)
6. ILIKEU (feat. Duckwrth)
7. U_WANT (feat. KUČKA)
8. BLESSD (feat. deem spencer)
9. RISE (feat. ROZET)
10. ZOOM (feat. Tinashe)
11. KILL_U (feat. Tanerélle)
12. GODOWN (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

Ninja Tune
Vinyl LP