Cass McCombs



Release Date: 6 September, 2024

The Debut Works by Cass McCombs Finally Back in Print from September 6 2024.

4AD are proud to be reissuing the first three records by unparalleled contemporary American songwriter Cass McCombs.  Released by the label outside North America in the early-2000s (Monitor released Stateside), his debut EP (Not The Way) and first two albums (and PREfection) have all been out of print on vinyl since and are now highly-sought after titles.

Twenty plus years on and 4AD are making all three records available again worldwide, having remastered them all at Abbey Road. The vinyl editions are being pressed on black vinyl and will come in their original sleeves with an OBI strip and new printed inner art added. CD versions of both albums are also being released.


Cass McCombs’s insta-classic 2003 debut album is a formidable collection of story-songs and magnetic melodies that stands up today as a foundational document of independent rock ‘n roll to come.  Featuring deep cuts ‘I Went to The Hospital’, ‘When the Bible Was Wrote’ and ‘Bobby, King of Boys Town’, has become a rare find on vinyl and title many have asked him to repress over the years.


1. I Went to the Hospital
2. Bobby, King of Boys Town
3. What Isn’t Nature
4. AIDS in Africa
5. A Comedian is Someone Who Tells Jokes
6. Gee, It’s Good To Be Home
7. Meet Me Here at Dawn
8. When The Bible Was Wrote
9. My Pilgrim Dear
10. Bedding Down Post-Xmastime
11. My Master

CD Album