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Rainy Miller x Space Afrika

A Grisaille Wedding: Vinyl LP


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Release Date: 16 November, 2023

Fixed Abode label head Rainy Miller met Space Afrika through regular nights he runs at Salford’s The White Hotel, a hub for leftfield electronic music. What started out as an idea for a collaborative EP between Rainy and Space Afrika turned into a longer form project, with features from Mica Levi, Coby Sey, Richie Culver, Voice Actor and Iceboy Violet - amongst others. A Grisaille Wedding is an immersive experience that fills the space these artists have come to dwell in during their creative journeys. It not only pushes the boundaries of music but also bridges regional dialects within the conversation of contemporary electronic music.

Rainy Miller:  “A Grisaille Wedding is a project based in the personification of the semi-fictitious world that Space Afrika have come to build over the years. Using musique concrete and British soundscapes, I wanted to fuse the sonic with both noise and the contemporary.”

Space Afrika: “The record’s title figuratively describes the marriage of two similarly motivated perspectives, each affected by a common backdrop and familiar ground tread amongst the scrimmage of urban sprawl, sombre, a boisterous landscape and clouds of uncertainty.”

1. Summon the Spirit / Demon

2. Maybe It's Time to Lay Down the Arms

3. 00-Down / Murmansk, 12

4. Sweet (I'm Free)

5. Shelter


7. The Graves at Charleroi

8. 1-2-1

9. Let It Die

10. I Believe in God, When Things Are Going My Way

Fixed Abode
Vinyl LP