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Serge Gainsbourg

À La Radio: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 21 June, 2024

Heavyweight 180g, black vinyl with a glossy UV cover

"In 1964 and 1966, when Serge Gainsbourg took part in two public radio recordings, he was undoubtedly the star of the evening. In his own words, this marked the end of his ""blue period"", a mix of left-bank chanson, jazz influences and exotic rhythms. Alone at the piano or accompanied by guitar and double bass, Gainsbourg masterfully takes on the roles of disappointed lover and disillusioned cynic alike.

When Serge Gainsbourg timidly replied to Juliette Gréco in 1959, he had just been spotted. Invited to appear on the famous ""Club d'Essai"" in 1958 and on the ""Discoparade"" show in 1961 and 1962, Gainsbourg sang his first, already deliciously naughty songs, accompanying himself on the piano.


1. Le Rock de Nerval
2. La Recette de l’amour fou
3. Les Goémons
4. La Javanaise
5. Le Talkie-walkie
6. Elaeudanla téïtéïa
7. Intoxicated Man
8. Ces petits riens

1. Serge Gainsbourg répond à Juliette Gréco
2. Douze Belles dans la peau
3. La Bataille de Friedland
4. Le Poinçonneur des Lilas
5. La Chanson de Maglia
6. Les Amours perdues
7. L'Eau à la bouche
8. Valse op.69 n°1 de Chopin

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