Joe Hisaishi

A Symphonic Celebration: Exclusive Clear Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 29 September, 2023

Deutsche Grammophon is delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with Joe Hisaishi, the revered Japanese composer whose work has become synonymous with the magical Studio Ghibli animations of director Hayao Miyazaki such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro.

Hisaishi’s first album on DG, A Symphonic Celebration, turns the spotlight on his Studio Ghibli hits. 

Recorded in London by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the composer, its tracks are newly arranged by Hisaishi for symphony orchestra.

The album includes additional high profile classical collaborators, including The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Bach Choir, Avi Avital and Grace Davidsen.


1. Nausicaá of the Valley of the Wind
2. Kiki’s Delivery Service
3. Princess Mononoke
4. The Wind Rises
5. Ponyo on the Cliff By the Sea

1. Castle in the Sky
2. Porco Rosso
3. Howl’s Moving Castle
4. Sprited Away
5. My Neighbor Totoro


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Vinyl LP