Sheila Chandra

ABoneCroneDrone: CD


Release Date: 16 June, 2023

ABoneCroneDrone is Sheila Chandra’s most radically experimental solo voice work and the closing chapter of her trilogy of albums for Real World.

These re-issues provide a chance for listeners to (re)discover the work of Shelia Chandra, one of the most original and trailblazing artists of her generation.

Six tracks of pure voice and drone, playing as a seamless suite of encompassing ambience and whispered vocals hinting at the worlds within them, ABoneCroneDrone gives voice to Chandra’s creative world, viewed through the harmonics of the drone. It is a listening experience that attunes us not only to the music contained within the record but to the music of the world around us. A startlingly original examination of the usually taken-for-granted drone itself. 


ABoneCroneDrone 1

ABoneCroneDrone 2

ABoneCroneDrone 3

ABoneCroneDrone 4

ABoneCroneDrone 5

ABoneCroneDrone 6

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