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Freeze Corleone

ADC: Grey Smoked Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 17 November, 2023

Freeze Corleone, founding member of the famous 667 crew comes back with a second album called ADC (L'Attaque des Clones). 

This album is on top of the charts in France since its digital release on mid September with 6.7 Millions streams in the first 22 hours and the first 13 places on the french Spotify charts making him one of the biggest names in contemporary French rap. 

1. MW2
2. Isshin Ashina
3. Shavkat
4. Amérique Du Sud
5. Ancelotti
6. Tse Chi Lop
7. Kpop
8.L’homme Méthode
9. Bill Clinton
10. Voldemort
11. Argent Noir Part 3
12. Jour De Plus
13. Lamborghini Bénie

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