Nino Rota

Amarcord: CD


Release Date: 3 December, 2021

CAM Sugar launches its new HERITAGE collection dedicated to the most celebrated soundtracks that made the history of Italian cinema. The opening title is Federico Fellini’s milestone AMARCORD, which is here presented for the first time ever as a 180gr gatefold double LP, carefully restored and remastered from the original master tapes. AMARCORD won an Academy Award in 1974 as Best Foreign Film, besides receiving two nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay. The sweet and evocative music by Nino Rota takes the listener on a journey through the places of Fellini’s boyhood in Rimini, creating a combination of music and images that is absolutely perfect and still internationally appreciated today. This edition includes a 30x75cm illustrated poster, with a reproduction of the original Nino Rota music sheets. This very special re-release of this classic by Nino Rota is in honor of what would have been his 110th birthday.

1. Amarcord     
2. La Fogaraccia     
3. Le Manine Di Primavera     
4. Lo Struscio /Quel Motivetto Che Mi Piace Tanto /Stormy Weather /La Cucaracha     
5. L’emiro E Le Sue Odalische /Salomé – Abat-Jour     
6. Gary Cooper     
7. La Gradisca E Il Principe     
8. Siboney     
9. Danzando Nella Nebbia     
10. Tutti A Vedere Il Rex     
11. Quanto Mi Piace La Gradisca     
12. La Gradisca Si Sposa E Se Ne Va     
13. Amarcord (Guitar And Harmonica)     
14. Siboney (Accordion)     
15. Amarcord (Grand Hotel)     
16. Amarcord (Il Barbiere)     
17. Amarcord (Tenderness)     
18. Amarcord (Dancefloor Part 1)     
19. Amarcord (Grand Hotel) (Alternate)     
20. Salomé - Abat-Jour (Alternate)     
21. Danzando Nella Nebbia (Alternate Mix)     
22. Amarcord (Funeral) (Alternate)     
23. Amarcord (Theme)     
24. La Fogaraccia (Film Version)     
25. Lo Struscio / Quel Motivetto Che Mi Piace Tanto (Alternate)     
26. Amarcord (Dancefloor Part 2) (Alternate)     
27.  Amarcord (Zio Matto A Vuoto)    

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