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AmeriKKKant: CD


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Release Date: 9 March, 2018

There was an instance when the future seemed like the most frightening prospect imaginable, but for most people that time has finally arrived; powerful and frightening, draining what flammable intelligence remains in the minds of the masses and igniting a fire of hatred amongst mankind. Society has boiled to such a degree that for the first time in 5 years Al Jourgensen has decided that instead of succumbing to political and societal miseries, he will utilize Ministry to help convey his views to the world once more with their upcoming release: AmeriKKKant.

Looking back a bit in time, the industrial machine that is Ministry has manufactured immense amounts of sound during its 30+ years of musical artistry. Initially coming into existence in 1981, Ministry was to be the lifetime passion project of front runner and founder Al Jourgensen. Often associated with ideas and imagery that are easily recognized today, in part because of Jourgensen’s insanely dreaded hair, pitch black attire, vampiric glasses, and exquisite top hat, the band has become incredibly symbolic. But like any creature cursed with the gift of creativity, “Uncle Al” has shed his skin several times over the decades. The development of Ministry and all of Al Jourgensen projects has been purely organic, which is a huge reason why the masses following his projects are so vast.

Often referred to as one of the founders of Industrial Music, the true outlook of Ministry as well as Jourgensen's other projects, is far more fluid than just one specific genre. Surgical Meth Machine, Revolting Cocks, and anything Al “Fucking” Jourgensen has produced all explore different realms of sound and thought.Famous for a hellaciously unique talent and sound, pure heinous insanity while on tour, and endless energy filled performances at countless festivals, Ministry had developed a cult following . AmeriKKKant, like all Ministry projects, is an organic reflection of not just the band’s talent and sounds, but of the society in which we all live and breathe. Jourgensen says “I’ve spoken my piece on the societal conditions that would elect such a blithering idiot. It’s not an anti-Trump album, it’s like a- ‘did you pay attention in School? Does anybody have any intellectual curiosity anymore?’- album. [It’s] basically just holding up a mirror to ourselves and saying: ‘Look at this, is this what you really want to be?’”

With a new line up, incredibly full sound, and some might say a return to the roots of Ministry, the band is prepared to release a record that is socially relevant and sonically effective. Fans can look forward to a hearty future for not just Ministry, but Surgical Meth Machine, and Revolting Cocks as well. There is simply too much insanity in this world for Jourgensen not to speak his mind and keep our senses alive with his vast array of decibels and visuals: “I’m afraid for the stupidity of not embracing nonsense. I think nonsense is a great escape from the rigors of being in life’s hamster wheel.”

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